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This is the story of my travels overseas.  I left the country in January 1997 and returned just in time for new years 1998.  In that time I traveled through SE Asia and drove a motorbike around Australia.  It happend like this....


I packed.

I took extra special care with my stereo.  

Every cable I wrapped into a neat coil and taped.   The components I covered in plastic bubble wrap and placed in a box sealed and coated with packing tape. 

I had spent a lot of time listening to that stereo, and while doing so I had thought a lot of thoughts.

About three months into my trip, I called home. 

I spoke to my Mum and she told me she had been to my  house.  Apparently I  had spent a rather a lot of time thinking thoughts, but not much time checking the kitchen...  I had left a bowl of soup in the microwave.

Apparently the soup had developed a pleasant and well read manner, although it did have a tendency to fidget!

I was in rather a distracted state of mind back then.  I was changing everything.  

I was off to Gatwick airport with a one way ticket to Bangkok


Well, someone told me it would be rather nice...